This site features pages about nearly 250 companies that have come together over the centuries to form today’s RBS. As well as a brief history of each company, the pages give details of publications about them, an overview of relevant records in our archives and links to other archives which also hold related records.

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The list only includes each bank’s current or last trading name. If you are looking for a name and can’t find it here, it may be an earlier or alternative version. Try searching this site for all or part of the name.



Jeffreys & Co

Jennings, F W

Jones, Loyd & Co



Kinglake & Co

Kinnersly, Thomas, & Sons

Knaresborough & Claro Banking Co Ltd



Vere & Asgill

Vye & Harris



Young, Charles Allen, & Son

Channel Islands


Guernsey Banking Co Ltd

Guernsey Commercial Banking Co Ltd

Robin Brothers


East of England


Barnard, Thomas, & Co

Trapp, Halfhead & Co


Isle of Man


Dumbell's Banking Co Ltd

Isle of Man Bank Ltd




Alliance Bank Ltd (London & Liverpool)

Anglo-International Bank Ltd

Bank of England's Western Branch

Bank of London

Biggerstaff, W & J

Birkbeck Bank

British Overseas Bank Ltd

Burt, Frederick, & Co Ltd

Child & Co

Commercial Bank of London

Coutts & Co

Curries & Co

Davies, Robert, & Co

Davison, Noel, Templer, Middleton & Wedgwood

Dimsdale, Fowler, Barnard & Dimsdales

District Bank Ltd

Dixon, Brooks & Dixon

Dorrien, Magens, Mello & Co

Drewett, Fowler & Fowler

Drummond, Messrs

Esdaile, Sir James, Esdaile, Grenfell, Thomas & Co

Fuller, Banbury, Nix & Co

Glyn, Mills & Co

Grindlays Bank Ltd

Hammersley, Greenwood & Brooksbank

Hankey & Co

Heywood, Kennards & Co

Holt & Co

International Westminster Bank Ltd

Jones, Loyd & Co

Ladbroke & Co

Lawrie & Co

Lloyds Bank (Europe)

Lombard Banking Ltd

London & Dublin Bank Ltd

London & Middlesex Bank

London & Westminster Bank Ltd

London & Yorkshire Bank Ltd

London, Commercial & Cripplegate Bank Ltd

National Bank Ltd

National Provincial Bank Ltd

National Westminster Bank plc

Parr's Bank Ltd

Pole, Thornton, Free, Down & Scott

Prescott's Bank Ltd

Robarts, Lubbock & Co

Ruffer, A, & Sons Ltd

Sapte, Muspratt, Banbury, Nix & Co

Scott, Sir Samuel, Bart & Co

Smith, Payne & Smiths

Stilwell & Sons

Union of London & Smiths Bank Ltd

Unity Joint Stock Mutual Banking Association

Vere & Asgill

Western Bank of London

Westminster Bank Ltd

Williams & Glyn's Bank Ltd

Williams Deacon's Bank Ltd

Williams, Deacon & Co Ltd

Woodhead & Co

Wrights & Co

Young, Charles Allen, & Son


North East England


Skinner, William, & Co

Stockton & Durham County Bank


Northern Ireland


Ulster Bank Ltd




Crawshay, Bailey & Co

Morris, David, & Sons

Richards & Co