Cave, Ames & Cave

Cave, Ames & Cave (1786-1826), established in Bristol, was a past constituent of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

Brief history

This private bank was established in 1786 as Ames, Cave, Harford, Daubeny & Bright. Its founding partners were Levi Ames, drysalter; John Cave, merchant; Joseph Harford, china maker, George Daubeny, sugar refiner and Richard Bright, banker. It was also known as Bristol New Bank, and later as Bristol Bank.

The bank was acquired by Elton, Baillies, Tyndall, Palmer & Edwards in 1826.

Detailed list of name changes

  • Ames, Cave, Daubeny & Bright 1798-1800
  • Ames, Daubeny, Bright, Cave, Daniel & Ames 1800-6
  • Ames, Bright, Cave, Daniel, Ames & Daubeny 1806-13
  • Ames, Bright, Cave, Daniel, Ames & Ballard 1813-20
  • Ames, Bright, Cave, Daniel, Ames & Bright 1820
  • Bright, Cave, Daniel, Ames & Bright 1820-1
  • Cave, Daniel & Ames 1821-2
  • Cave, Ames & Cave from 1822

Published history

  • Sir C Cave, A history of banking in Bristol from 1750 to 1899 (Bristol: privately published, 1899)

Summary of our archive holdings

Our archival records of Cave, Ames & Cave have the reference code CAC.

  • bill of exchange 1793