Our banknotes

Detail from a 1792 guinea note of the Royal Bank of Scotland

We started issuing banknotes in 1727 and still do so today. Over the centuries, our banknotes have served our customers well and helped us to develop our identity and build trust.

  • Issuing banknotes

    Issuing banknotes Discover more about the Royal Bank of Scotland's banknotes and their security features.
  • Current issue notes

    Current issue notes The Royal Bank of Scotland's current-issue Ilay series banknotes were introduced in 1987.
  • Commemorative notes

    Commemorative notes We issued Britain's (and the European Union's) first commemorative banknote in 1992. Since then we have continued to issue occasional commemorative notes marking major national events or anniversaries.
  • Historic notes

    Historic notes Over the centuries our constituent banks have issued hundreds of different designs. This section explores some of the most interesting, unusual and influential among them.
  • Reproducing banknotes

    Reproducing banknotes Thanks to their attractive designs and extraordinary history, there is often demand to reproduce images of our banknotes.