Ammanford is a town in Wales. National Westminster Bank traces its heritage there back to 1913.

National Provincial Bank of England

NatWest's Ammanford branch was originally opened by National Provincial Bank of England in 1913. Ammanford at the time was thriving, as its coal and anthracite mining industry grew rapidly. Its population grew from 3,058 in 1901 to 6,074 in 1911 as miners flocked to the area for work, and by 1913 there were 35 privately-owned mines in the area, employing nearly 8,000 workers.

The area’s rapid development soon attracted the attention of National Provincial Bank of England. It had recently opened a new branch in nearby Llandeilo, and on 3 February 1913, a sub-branch in Ammanford opened its doors for the first time, trading from premises in Wind Street and operated by Mr JR Davies from Llandeilo branch.

National Westminster Bank

In 1968 National Provincial Bank and Westminster Bank, along with National Provincial's subsidiary District Bank, announced their intention to merge. The operations of all three banks were combined over the following 18 months and they began to trade as National Westminster Bank from 1 January 1970.