Broadstairs is a town in England. National Westminster Bank traces its heritage there back to 1913.

London County & Westminster Bank

NatWest's Broadstairs branch was originally opened by London County & Westminster Bank in January 1913. The new branch opened at 43 High Street, and was a sub office to the bank’s existing office in Margate.

In the nineteenth century Broadstairs had become a popular seaside resort as the expanding railway network had brought increasing numbers of holidaymakers to the town. Broadstairs thrived as new residents arrived and schools and convalescent homes were set up, taking advantage of the sea air. In 1901 the town had around 6,400 residents, and over the following decade its population grew rapidly, reaching 10,000 by 1912. The directors of London County & Westminster Bank decided to set up a branch at Broadstairs because the town was growing more rapidly than any other in the district and they believed that it was likely to grow still further. There were already two other banks - Lloyds and Capital & Counties - with offices in the town, but the directors of London County & Westminster Bank considered that a branch at Broadstairs would complement their existing offices at Margate and Ramsgate and provide them with good representation throughout the Isle of Thanet.

In 1923 the bank's name was shortened to Westminster Bank.

National Provincial Bank

In November 1919 another of NatWest’s constituent banks, National Provincial & Union Bank of England, opened a branch at Broadstairs, at 26 High Street. A few years later, in 1921,  the branch moved to 47 High Street, formerly home to Broadstairs branch of Capital & Counties Bank, which had gone into liquidation.

National Westminster Bank

In 1970 Westminster Bank and National Provincial Bank merged to form National Westminster Bank. In Broadstairs, the new bank now had two branches, just across the road from each other. They were renamed Lower High Street (the former Westminster branch) and Upper High Street (the former National Provincial branch). In 1975 the two branches were brought together under one roof at 47 High Street, where the branch remains today.