Heaton Chapel

Heaton Chapel is a suburb of Manchester, England. NatWest traces its heritage there back to 1908.

Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Co

NatWest's Heaton Chapel branch first opened in 1908 as a branch of Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Co. Situated four miles south-east of Manchester and two miles north of Stockport, Heaton Chapel was until the mid-19th century a rural area. In later decades, however, new road and rail links made Heaton Chapel an attractive out-of-town place of residence for the wealthy citizens of Manchester. By 1911 its population had risen to 3,296.

Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Co had been founded some 80 years earlier, and by 1907 had 114 branches. Heaton Chapel’s growth attracted the bank’s attention, and suitable premises were obtained at 44 Heaton Moor Road, where the new office opened on 27 April 1908 under the supervision of the bank’s Stockport branch.

During the 1920s Heaton Chapel grew quickly in all directions and, with similar southward expansion from Levenshulme and eastward expansion from Burnage, soon became part of an almost continuous suburban landscape connecting Manchester with Stockport. New industries developed to the north and west, although Heaton Chapel itself remained a residential district.

District Bank

The banking industry also grew during the inter-war years and District Bank, as it was by then known, was soon facing increased competition. Despite this, the bank continued to expand its branch network, and in 1926 extended its representation around Heaton Chapel by opening a sub-branch at Old Toll Bar.

In 1935 District Bank was greatly enlarged by a merger with the Manchester-based County Bank; the merged bank retained the District Bank name. By 1947 the Heaton Chapel office was so successful that it became a full branch in its own right, taking over the management of the Old Toll Bar office from Stockport branch.

In 1962 District Bank was acquired by National Provincial Bank, but the two banks continued trading separately under their own names.

National Westminster Bank

In 1970 National Provincial Bank and District Bank merged with Westminster Bank to form National Westminster Bank, and Heaton Chapel became one of 3,600 branches of the new NatWest.

In 1975 Old Toll Bar office, which had been badly damaged during the previous decade when it was hit by a lorry, relocated to 24 School Lane. It remained there until 1990 when its business was merged into that of the main Heaton Chapel branch at 44 Heaton Moor Road.