Lampeter is a town in Wales. NatWest traces its heritage there back to 1866.

National Provincial Bank of England

National Provincial Bank of England was established in 1833 with the aim of developing a national rather than regional branch network. By the end of 1866 it had approximately 160 branches and sub-branches across England and Wales.

In April 1866 the bank’s board was approached by the managers of its branches at Aberystwyth and Llandovery, with the suggestion that a branch in Lampeter would be well-received by local people. National Provincial Bank of England relied heavily on local tips for finding locations for new branches, and the board was quick to approve the idea.

Lampeter sub-branch, under the management of Llandovery branch, opened 8 May 1866, with Mr FT Greathead as agent. The branch traded from premises on High Street which had formerly belonged to Manchester & Milford Railway Company.

In the same year, Manchester & Milford Railway Company's Lampeter station opened. Within a few years the line had connected Lampeter to Aberystwyth and Carmarthen, opening the area up to wool merchants and visitors alike, and bringing increased prosperity to the town.

Lampeter sub-branch grew with the town, and in 1873 became a branch in its own right, no longer under the management of Llandovery. Around that time the branch moved to new premises at 37 High Street.

20th century changes

During the First World War (1914-1918) banks took on extra responsibilities, such as the sale of war loan subscriptions, and were subject to a raft of new government controls. Many skilled bank staff left to join the forces and one member of the Lampeter branch staff, John Morgan, was killed on active service.

During the same period the banking sector was undergoing a transformation, with smaller banks being forced to grow or merge in order to remain competitive. Reflecting these developments, in 1918 National Provincial Bank of England merged with Union of London & Smiths Bank to become National Provincial & Union Bank of England, known from 1924 as National Provincial Bank. It was one of the biggest banks in England.

National Westminster Bank

In 1970 National Provincial Bank and its subsidiary District Bank merged with Westminster Bank to form National Westminster Bank, and Lampeter branch became part of the new NatWest.