Ramsgate is a town in England. NatWest traces its heritage there back to 1836.

National Provincial Bank of England

NatWest's Ramsgate branch first opened on 6 June 1836 as a branch of National Provincial Bank of England. Ramsgate was already a long-established port town and fashionable holiday destination, so it was not surprising that National Provincial, founded in London only three years earlier, was keen to be represented there. The office was located at 54 Harbour Parade, next door to the Royal Albion Hotel, which was a centre of the town's busy social life in the 19th century.

In the 1890s Ramsgate's harbour area underwent redevelopment. The Albion was demolished to make way for Madeira Walk, and on part of the site it had occupied, National Provincial built a new bank office for itself.

London, County & Westminster Bank

In 1911 London County & Westminster Bank, later to become another founding constituent of NatWest, also opened a branch in Ramsgate. This office was located at 53 High Street, under the control of Mr JA Gribble, manager of Margate branch. The new branch was successful and in 1914 was elevated to independent branch status, with a manager of its own.

In 1924 the bank's name was shortened to Westminster Bank.

National Westminster Bank

In 1970 National Provincial Bank merged with Westminster Bank to form National Westminster Bank, and both Harbour Parade branch and High Street branch became part of the new NatWest. In 1996 the two branches were brought together under one roof at 53 High Street.