Shrewsbury is a town in England. NatWest traces its heritage there back to 1841.

National Provincial Bank of England

The first of NatWest's constituent banks to open a branch in Shrewsbury was National Provincial Bank of England. The bank at that time was keen to expand its branch network, and in June 1841 the manager of its existing branch in Wem wrote to the board, suggesting Shrewsbury as a location for a new office. The board investigated and quickly concluded that the ancient market town was indeed a community where it wanted to be represented. It moved quickly, making all the necessary arrangements within a few weeks. The new office opened on Bellstone on 1 August 1841.

Growing competition

In the 1920s and 1930s two more banks that would eventually become part of NatWest also opened branches in Shrewsbury. In 1927 Westminster Bank opened an office in one of Shrewsbury's most famous historic buildings, Ireland's Mansion on High Street. Then, in 1934, District Bank opened an office at 37 Castle Street.

National Provincial Bank, meanwhile, was keen to improve its own facilities in Shrewsbury, and in 1928 it moved to purpose-built new premises on Mardol Head. 

In 1962 National Provincial Bank bought District Bank, but the two banks continued to trade separately, including in towns such as Shrewsbury, where both were represented. 

National Westminster Bank 

In 1970 National Provincial Bank and its subsidiary District Bank both merged with Westminster Bank to create National Westminster Bank, and all three banks' branches in Shrewsbury became part of the new NatWest. Over the next 25 years the bank's representation in the town was gradually reorganised and refocused on the handsome Mardol Head premises, where NatWest Shrewsbury branch remains today.