RBS history in 100 objects

Explore the History 100

  • Serving our customers

    Ten items revealing how - as our customers have changed over the centuries - we have changed to meet their developing needs
  • Doing business openly and fairly

    Ten items showing how we have worked over the centuries to be open and fair towards customers, shareholders and the wider community
  • Our people at work

    Ten items illuminating the working lives of bank staff, from the earliest clerks to our modern diverse workforce
  • Our public face

    Ten items highlighting some of the ways that banks have expressed their public identity over the centuries
  • Our people in the community

    Ten items exploring the community lives of bank workers over the centuries
  • Shaping our future together

    Ten items showing how we have supported our customers as they built aspects of our modern world
  • Turning points

    Ten items representing decisive moments in the history of RBS or of British banking as a whole
  • Our expanding world

    Ten items showing how the horizons of bankers, communities and customers have developed from local to global over the centuries
  • Times of turmoil

    Ten items exploring how we have survived and learned from times of danger and upheaval in our history
  • Going the extra mile

    Ten items showing how we have worked over the centuries to go further and do better for our customers

Our archives

Read about our archives and how the RBS History 100 came about.

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Our history

The RBS History 100 tells the stories of specific events, changes and actions in our history. Here you can find an overview of the broader historical contexts in which they happened.

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